Want a stocked fridge with food YOU crave?

For a flat rate + cost of groceries and delivery, you can have a customized meal plan consisting of 6-8 dishes in your home within hours. Eating right has never been easier with this kosher personal chef service.

Let’s get started:

    • Send us an email explaining what kosher personal chef services you are looking for and we will give you call to discuss details, and craft your tailor-made menu plan.
    • We will hand pick the freshest, kosher, in-season ingredients from New York’s best markets and whip up a fantastic meal in your home within 2-4 hours. As long as there is access to your home, there is no need for you to be present. When you get back, there will be a fridge packed with 6-8 customized dishes with interchangeable proteins, starches and vegetables for you to enjoy.
    • The food is labeled and refrigerated with simple heating and serving instructions. We leave your home spic-and-span with cuisine to boot!

* Special discount for first time customers.

* Service also available as a drop-off